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Window Masks. With built-in polypropylene filters.

TaylarMade Tailoring

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Looking for a high-quality clear or transparent mask?

Look no further. These masks are available in black or pink. Also, lined with polypropylene that will act as a liquid barrier/ filter, just as in our popular original face mask design. Pinchable nose piece allows for a fitted, yet comfortable and protective design.

 Adult sizes only.

We began this mask-making journey in order to give back to our community. We began selling masks in order to be able to purchase more materials and create more masks for donation.

So far, we have been able to donate HUNDREDS of masks. Thanks to your support!

Firefighter Mask Donations

We have been blessed to be able to donate to fire departments, the homeless, nurses, hospital ERs, assisted living facilities, and veterinarians. We have even sent masks all over the United States.