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Fabric Masks with Built-In Filters, Machine Washable!

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Bring comfort into your life with a mask that fits and protects well!

  • Actual protection. Polypropylene filters work to keep nasty liquid droplets (from coughs, sneezes, etc.) from passing through the mask.
  • No fogging glasses. Built-in pinchable nose pieces keep breath from escaping upward and fogging glasses.
  • No uncomfortable mask lines. 100% cotton fabric is made to sit comfortably on your face, no awkward pinching or mask lines after use.
  • Neutral backing fabric. Rest easy knowing which side of the mask has been facing your mouth and which side has been facing the germy world.
  • Easy to clean: Sturdy masks are able to be washed in the washing machine on the warm setting.  They can be tumble dried, but we suggest hang-drying. Hand-washing is also suitable. Do not iron.

Check out our sizing charts in the image section to get the best fit. Most adults fit into a size "Adult."





Disclaimer: This device has not been industry tested nor has it been NIOSH approved. The decision to use this device is solely your own.

We began this mask-making journey in order to give back to our community. We began selling masks in order to be able to purchase more materials and create more masks for donation.

So far, we have been able to donate HUNDREDS of masks. Thanks to your support!

Firefighter Mask Donations

We have been blessed to be able to donate to fire departments, the homeless, nurses, hospital ERs, assisted living facilities, and veterinarians. We have even sent masks all over the United States.