Our Inspiration

It was the fall of 2018 and the story of many of our alterations clients sounded like this:

"I am so happy that I found your alterations shop! I used to sew in high school, but now I am too busy so my sewing machine just sits in my closet. I wish I had the time to use it."

We decided that we wanted to make it easy for busy people to create beautiful items in less time.

This led to the creation of our pre-cut sewing project kits. Our kits are unique because they save the customer time and stress in the creation process--no need to fight a pattern or cut fabric pieces: get right to the fun sewing part of your project!

Our subscription products also come with needles, pins, and thread to give you all the materials (except the sewing machine) that you will need to complete each product. Our premium subscription projects are also accompanied by a step-by-step assembly videos to help teach and reduce the stress of sewing.

Taylar the Tailor

After noticing the fog of secrecy surrounding the alterations industry, as well as the stress surrounding many individuals' desire to sew and create, she began a business helping people.

Taylar began sewing in Rockford, Washington, as a child when her grandmother started teaching her at a very young age--she cannot remember ever not sewing!

By the time that she was in junior high, she began designing her own clothes for 4H fashion shows. In high school, she designed her senior prom dress--camo and pink! After high school graduation, Taylar began designing camouflage dresses and bridal gowns and selling them online. Shortly after, she began working in the alteration's department at David's Bridal.

Taylar has always focused on the fun and creativity of sewing rather than the stiff and stuffy demeanor often associated with the trade. She strives to introduce stress-free and joyful sewing to the world through Sip N Sew events, pre-cut sewing kits, and individual sewing lessons