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Quick and Chic Table Runner

Posted by Taylar Franz on

These table runners are so much easier to make than it looks! They look chic and well-made, which make for a great addition to your home.

If you pre-wash the fabrics (not the interfacing) that you will use to make your table runner, they can be thrown in the washing machine to get rid of food crumbs/stains and will not shrink!

You may just find that you need one for every holiday and season.

The following pattern will make a table runner that measures about 13"x41". If you want a longer runner, increase the length (the larger number) of all 3 pieces under the "What to Cut" section. Make sure to increase each by the same number of inches!

What to cut:

  • 1/4 yard of feature fabric
    • Trim to 9”x31”
  • ½ yard of your accent (backing) fabric
    • Trim to 18”x43”
  • A piece of fusible interfacing
    • Trim to 18”x43”

Assembly Directions:

  1. Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the backing piece.
  2. Fold both the feature fabric and backing fabric pieces in half, matching short ends, and mark the center of each long side by inserting a pin in each end of the fold.
  3. Line up the long ends of one side of the feature fabric and backing fabric, right sides together, and matching center pins. Pin and sew this edge in place. The feature fabric is meant to be shorter than the backing—this is why we marked the center points in the last step.
  4. Repeat step #3 with the remaining long sides of the fabrics.
  5. Fold the backing fabric in half, lengthwise, right sides together. Line up the short edges on each end of the backing and pin in place. Sew along these ends.
  6. Turn right-side out. Iron the long edges flat, making sure that you have an even amount of backing fabric showing as a border strip on each side of the feature fabric. The magic number is about 2.25” of border width.
  7. After you have ironed the main body of your piece, we will focus on the ends. These should make a point after having been sewn. Arrange the center seamline so that it is parallel to the edges of the main body of your table runner, then tuck the raw edges of fabric under, making a fold line perpendicular to the center seamline and edges of your table runner. Press flat and pin in place on the table runner. Repeat with both ends of the table runner.
  8. Topstitch along the folds, about 0.25” from the edge, to close the hole and hold the end together. Ensure that you caught all raw edges in this step. Repeat with both ends of the table runner.
  9. Bien fait! Success!!


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