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Microwave-safe Bowl Cozy

Posted by Taylar Franz on

Winter is about coming to an end, but in most places of the US, it is still chilly enough to be regarded as soup season. Don't get caught attempting to hold a steaming bowl with just your fingertips, praying not to burn yourself!

In just about an hour, you can create the answer to all of your problems: an insulated, microwaveable bowl cozy! (These also work really well to protect your fingers from FREEZING when eating ice cream in the summer.)

If you find that you need more help while creating this project, we offer bowl cozy pre-cut sewing kits that can be shipped right to your door. If you are in the Spokane, Washington, area, head to the events tab of our website and find a Sip N Sew that showcases this project for tons of fun, precut materials, some personal guidance, and one-on-one help.

Materials Needed and Cutting the Pieces

Be sure that all materials and threads are 100% cotton, as polyester, etc, will melt and burn when put into a microwave.

  • Two 10” squares of cotton batting. We use Wrap-N-Zap brand in our precut kits and at our Sip N Sew events.
  • Two 10.5” squares of cotton fabric.
  • Cotton thread.


  1. Place one of the batting squares on top of one of the fabric squares (wrong side of fabric), centering. Sew a diagonal line from corner to corner, repeat for both corners; square should have a large “X” of stitches when finished. Complete with the other square of fabric and batting.
  2. Fold the quilted square in half, right sides together, and mark 1″ in from the center fold along the edge. Also mark 1.5” up from the edge on the center fold. Draw a line connecting these marks(should make a triangle shape with the corner of the folded fabric). Sew on the line; cut 0.25” from the sewn line (we are cutting the small triangle shape off). Do this on the top and bottom of the folded square. Repeat with the second square.
  3. Open both squares up and re-fold along the centers in the other direction. Repeat step 2 along this fold on each of the squares.
  4. Remove all 4 corners by measuring 1.5” away from corner along each edge and cutting across from one mark to the other (removing a triangular shape). Do this on all 8 corners.
  5. Pin the two squares to each other, right sides together.
  6. Sew 0.25” seam around the edge of the quilted squares.
  7. Turn right side out. Pin the opening closed, tucking the raw edges into the seam allowances (use an iron to help you get this edge to stay). Pin all around the bowl cozy.
  8. Topstitch 0.25” away from the edge, all the way around the entire top of the bowl; make sure that you have caught the raw edges from the opening when finished. If you did not seal those raw edges into the topstitch seam, fold back under and stitch along the opening half-way between the edge of the bowl cozy and the 0.25” topstitch stiches that you just created. This should seal in any raw edges that did not get caught the first time.
  9. Enjoy your bowl cozy the next time you eat soup or ice cream!!



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